Holiday Farm Fire Destroys Resort

Around midnight, September 7th, 2020 – rare, dry eastern winds brought down trees on a power line and started the devastating Holiday Farm fire.

After a summer of low rain, the parched forest was now match for the fast paced winds and the fire quickly spread causing a huge wake of devastation in its path.  The entire of town of Blue River was burned too the ground including our resort.

McKenzie River Mountain Resort, a former ranger station lost the majority of her structures including the Historic Ranger Home.

Closed for Business

As of this writing, 1/31/2021, we are still working on cleaning up the debris from the fire and doing some strategic planning on how to rebuild.

How Bad is It

All of our buildings burned down except for 2 cabins and 1 support building.  These suffered serious smoke damage requiring extensive repairs.

Not all, but a majority of the trees are fire damaged.  The worst of them – especially the ones that may affect roads and power lines have been cut down.

Will It Recover?

While right now it looks like a war zone, we take hope in the little things.  Even now, we see plants sprouting in burn areas.  We are excited to see what Spring brings.

Our expectation is that in a few years much of the scorched earth will be covered by new vegetation, full of life.

Mckenzie River Mountain Resort

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Mckenzie River Mountain Resort