Sadly our Resort is currently closed due to the Holiday Farm Fire on Labor Day 2020

85% of our sq footage was destroyed, this included all of our meeting space, our kitchen and our lodge rooms.

2 Homes and an Office/Support building were spared by the fire – including River Glen Cottage and Bear Mountain Cabin. While spared from the flames, smoke damage required extensive rehab.  

The remodeled homes are housing local fire victims. (Over 500 homes were destroyed, over a year later, less than 100 have been rebuilt.)

We do not have a reopen timeline yet.  The community of Blue River was given a grant by the State of Oregon to build a new water system and a community sewer.  This infrastructure rebuild will delay our rebuild until that work is completed (3-5 years). 

  • Historic Ranger Station Lodge - McKenzie River Mountain Resort

    McKenzie River Mountain Resort

    Vacation at a ranger station!
  • Historic Ranger Home

    Historic Ranger Home circa 1890

    Historic Ranger Home 

  • McKenzie River Trail at Clear Lake

    McKenzie River Trail

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  • McKenzie River Activities

McKenzie River Mountain Resort – Blue River, Oregon

Historic Ranger Station Lodge

Hotel / Events / Recreation / Biking

Hotel & Cabins

Blue River - Next to McKenzie River Mountain Resort Blue River - Next to McKenzie River Mountain Resort
River Glen Cottage Blue River, OR - McKenzie River Mountain Resort River Glen Cottage Blue River, OR - McKenzie River Mountain Resort
Historic Ranger Home - Blue River, OR - McKenzie River Mountain Resort

A Place to Unwind

The original guard station (or Ranger Home) was built about 1890-1910. Local lore says the house was build aroudn a pre existing fireplace from a previous home.

Our 3.5 acre facility sits next to Blue River, with the small town of blue river a quick walk away over the bridge.

There’s a fairly productive fishing hole right off the property.  In the evening you can gather around the fire pit and treat yourself to s’mores and reminisce about your earlier adventures during the day. 


  • Lodging Options from 1 – 8 Persons

  • Full Kitchen & Bathroom

  • Quiet Location
  • Comfy Beds

  • Wood or Electric Fireplaces

Flora and Fauna

Outdoor Adventure

We are surrounded by forest 

Lakes, rivers, lava flows, hot springs and endless miles of hiking trails abound here.  All near by and ready to explore.

Cozy Cabins



Campfire Spots

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Mckenzie River Mountain Resort

51668 Blue River Dr.

Blue River, OR 97413




Mckenzie River Mountain Resort