RV Park Application

Last Summer we applied to the county to add some additional RV spots.

RVs are a good interim use while we were working on a long term game plan.

After filing the application, we decided to delayed the application from being processed to see if the county would complete the Transportation Growth Management Plan for Blue River, allowing his to work directly on that instead.

The new plan is coming soon, but will not be here fast enough and we will still need to work on the RV spots in the interim.

The county fees are expensive, so we put a plan in showing RV spaces throughout the property. We will only likely develop all the spots if there are significant delays in drafting a more permanent game plan for the property. If offers the most flexibility while keeping costs in check.

Due to delays and timelines, we pulled the original application and are working to resubmit it.

We have no timelines for the new spots at this time.

We would love to have something to work towards instead of just having the property sit. It expensive to maintain the acreage with limited revenue coming in. Our neighbors would love to see something pretty get built here.

Long Term Goals

Our long term goals continue to be the same. We’d love to see some food, retail, art shops, cute apartments/housing and a hotel/lodge with rooms looking at the river.

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