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RV Park Application

Last Summer we applied to the county to add some additional RV spots. RVs are a good interim use while we were working on a long term game plan. After filing the application, we decided to delayed the application from being processed to see if the county would complete the Transportation...

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Fire Recovery Update

In the next few months, Lane County looks to consider and pass some new development and zoning rules that will greatly affect our ability to rebuild. Not just us, but our entire community. In addition, the proposed changes may also help other small rural communities like ours. I have been...

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Update On Blue River & Fire Recovery

Update Dec 12 2022: Some of us do not have an easy path to recovery after the fire. Insurance money was far short of the cost to rebuild. We lost homes, precious personal items collected throughout a lifetime (sometimes generational items). At one community recovery meeting, I listened as...

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Request to Rebuild River St

Update Dec 12 2022: Moving the road might open up some great opportunities for Blue River as a community. Not only will it provide a safe and easy access point for locals, it could also solve some problems with recruiting new businesses to Blue River. Make sure to Read the update and the...

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Closure Request for River St

Update 12/22: In response to community feedback regarding closing River St we have made some changes to our plans. We have asked the powers that be to help rebuild River St to meet modern safety standards and move it to the west of its connection point on Blue River Dr on our property. (Likely...

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Mckenzie River Mountain Resort

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Mckenzie River Mountain Resort